UI/UX Global Summit'22 - Entry-level day | Part 1

What's new in UI/UX in 2022

Part 2: https://youtu.be/aB6Pdijp6Ks

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00:00:00 Starting soon
00:05:50 Intro with Ed Nedin and Ksenia
00:13:41 The importance of research on field and the relevancy of testing along the design journey
00:50:53 Interacting with words: can typography improve user experience?
01:15:57 Conversational UX Design approach
01:43:10 Getting started with UX Design for AR & VR
02:12:18 Q&A Session with Benjamin Vautier, Alessio Laiso, Roberto Oscurato and Prasanta Gautam
02:46:56 Break
02:50:29 What UX Designers need to know about Service Design
03:19:05 Experience and human mind
03:55:26 How to conduct an e-commerce web UX audit
04:31:23 Q&A Session with Shubham Agarwal, Uttara Kulkarni and Katarina Barisic
04:42:10 Break
04:52:55 Storytelling: A designer's secret weapon in educating others
05:22:01 Small Impact VS Big Impact
05:49:41 Break
05:53:42 Growth-Hacking User Experience - Tools and Quick Wins for Anyone to Pick Up and Run With
06:27:27 Death to Stillness
6:59:09 Q&A Session with Mirela Ignat and Mauricio Tonon

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