UI/UX Design, NFTs, T-Shirt Designs & a lot more Ft. Anushka Tendolkar on The Design Podcast I Ep11

Meet Anushka Tendolkar, an UI/UX Designer who is also a NFT artist with features in reputed magazines like Vogue, Grazia, Homegrown etc. She will tell her story and share the wisdom with all of us. It has some valuable advices on Managing a day job with freelance and NFTs, importance of food and fitness, importance of drive in Design etc.

Anushka's Vogue project is Live

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0:00 Intro and Journey till Design Education
8:58 Is Design coaching worth?
12:15 Pearl Academy
17:13 Importance of Design Contests
19:12 Pivotal Project "Junkie"
28:27 Joining Ultraviolette without an Automotive Background
33:00 Web 3.0 and NFTs
39:11 Getting Featured in Grazia & Vogue
42:00 No need to stick to one niche
48:40 Fitness & Discipline
52:00 Advice to Freelancers
54:20 Words of Wisdom to UI/UX Deigners
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