UI/UX Design: How To Get Started (For Beginners) TELUGU | UI vs UX in Telugu 2020

In this video I’m going to show you UI/UX

I am going to talk about UI/UX Designs
Below topics are covered in this video:

What is UI/ UX?
Main Difference between UI and UX?
is UI and UX is Important?
How to build your portfolio?

Click on the time points below to view different sections!
0:51 UX Introduction
1:19 UI Introduction
1:41 UI vs UX
1:47 Design tools
2:13 Design Examples (Mobile and Desktop)
3:00 building portfolio
3:33 where do you lean?
3:50 End
3:34 Manual testing (writing test cases in Excel)
4:06 bloopers
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