UI5 Web Components: Build Enterprise Ready UIs with your Technology of Choice | SAP Community Call

In this session we will explore the UI5 Web Components – the latest SAP UI Open Source offering. UI5 Web Components are lightweight and easy to consume UI building blocks that allow you to build enterprise ready UIs with your framework of choice. As they are also a carrier of SAP Fiori design language, apps built with UI5 Web Components perfectly support the SAP Fiori UX.
In this session you will learn:
o What are Web Components?
o Why we decided to create UI5 Web Components
o Which are the UI5 Web Components most interesting features and the components we offer.
o How UI5 Web Components fit into SAP's UI Strategy?
o How to get started with UI5 Web Components?
o How to use UI5 Web Components with various technologies such as React, Angular and Vue?
o How to theme UI5 Web Components?
o What’s on the roadmap for UI5 Web Components?

00:00 Welcome Svea Becker
00:42 First Speaker Stanislava Baltova, introduction
01:09 Agenda
01:37 UI5 The Big Picture
05:50 The Story
12:17 Deep Dive – UI5 Web Components – 2nd speaker Ilhan Myumyun
14:07 Brief Demo
15:42 Avatar Group Demo
17:16 Theming
18:57 Demo on Theming
22:33 Accessibility
26:31 Globalization
29:17 Custom Components
34:00 Filip Siderov: UI5 Web components with Angular, React, Vue…
36:26 Real Life Example
38:43 UI5 Web Components Ecosystem
40:33 What’s Next? – Stanislava Baltova
42:13 Q&A
47:50 End

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