UI UX Design Masterclass 06 Complete UX Procedure Part 1 Bangla Tutorial

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UI= User Interface
UX= User Experience
UX Design Procedure
1) 10 Element collection
2) Client interview (Choose the better (5) on behalf of a client)
3) User panel creation
4) Flow chart creation=UI
5) Sketch or Wireframe
6) Card sorting
7) Design number-creation 1
8) Design number-creation 2
9) Usability testing/Design audit
10) Final Design creation after usability testing
11) Delivery to client
12) Real usability testing/Design audit by client
13) Modified design delivered
14) Final usability testing after development
15) Problem-solving
16) Site live

Class Topics
Client Requirement
Client Interview
User Panel Creation
Flow Chart

Complete UX Procedure
Hero Header/Landing page
What is the hero header or landing page?
When you visit any site and you see a view at a glance.
*** Landing page - A website without navigation or pagination***
Single page website

Landing page
Long home page
Full website
Mobile web view
Mobile application

Landing page design (UX Procedure)

Client Requirement:
I need a website, where I will promote my digital agency services.
On my website, my users can call me, mail me, or they fill out the form to connect with us.
My website should be simple and white background, I hate colorful things,
but you can follow logo colors. I need that kind of website where my user can find their needs easily and users stay on my site.
I prefer simple fonts which will increase my readability. I prefer a slider, you can use google image as for sample.
First of all, do a landing page for me. If I like it, I will confirm you to do the complete page.

Client Interview:
1) Logo
2) Understand
3) Website format you like
4) Extra Information
5) Get Motivation
6) Competitor website

1) Google-Bizcope
2) Freepik-Demo
3) Bing=Demo design
4) Dribble- Freelancer Portfolio
5) Uplabs- Freelancer Portfolio
Web design
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