UI Prototyping in Flinto - learn Design Tools

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UI Prototyping in Flinto - learn Design Tools
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Create Interactions and Micro Animations
Flinto - Working techniques,Importing resources from Sketch,Animations and Micro interactions,Reusable components,Practical application project,Flinto - Tips & Tricks
UI Design Basics,Mac users only,Meant for more advanced users,Prototyping with Flinto is one of the most essential skills for the best UI/UX designers. The software allows its user to create transitions and micro interactions which very precisely showcase the project’s functionality. You are able to perfectly reflect the workings of an app before its final implementation or project presentation. Working with Flinto gives you an unprecedented level of control over every single aspect of the project, and this course is all you need to start your Flinto experience!,The first part of the course includes a practical example to help you become familiar with all the important concepts of how Flinto operates, functions and tools. We are going to design an effective mockup of an application interface and discover the potential of Flinto.,The latter half of the course involves practical application of Flinto functions in order to design all the transitions and animations for our intelligent home app. This project will prove how useful Flinto is, because it is entire possible to create even the most complex element of an app using this software.,Another great functionality of Flinto comes from its capability to connect layers via transitions. This function lets us design animations where one layer smoothly transitions from one screen to another or even create shape animations, which simply morph one into another.,User Interface DesignersGraphic DesignersUX Designers,User Interface Designers,Graphic Designers,UX Designers
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