UI Animation, Motion Design & Micro Interaction Basics

An overview of UI animation for beginners!

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1:28 Motion benefits
3:59 Types of Motion
6:56 Functional Motion
7:32 Structural Motion
9:06 Emotional Motion
9:53 Interaction Design Anatomy
10:50 Timing Basics
12:24 Staggered Timing
12:46 Common Easing Curves
13:56 Easing Visualization
16:06 Linear Easing
16:31 Ease In, Ease Out, Ease Both
18:14 Elastic (Spring) Easing
19:13 Good vs Bad Easing
19:48 Creating Depth with Motion
19:56 Depth with Relative Scale
20:50 Parallax Motion
23:44 Interactive Design Systems
25:21 Interactive Prototyping Tools
27:50 Made in Principle
28:25 Made in Studio
29:40 New Navigation Constructs
30:40 Data Visualization
31:25 When Digital gets Physical
32:00 Cool Micro Interactions

Featured Designers:

Pablo Stanley: https://dribbble.com/pablostanley
Charles Patterson: https://dribbble.com/CharlesPatterson
Martha Bergmann: https://dribbble.com/MarthaBergmann
Zak Steele-Eklund: https://dribbble.com/zakeklund
Gleb Kuznetsov: https://dribbble.com/glebich
Rafael Cespedes: https://dribbble.com/rafaelcespedes
Ehsan Rahimi: https://dribbble.com/ehsancinematic
Cuberto: https://dribbble.com/cuberto
Dennis Snellingberg: https://dribbble.com/dennissnellenberg
YanBin Tan: https://dribbble.com/YanBin_Tan
Yaroslave Zubko: https://dribbble.com/Yar_Z
Daniel Korpai: https://dribbble.com/danielkorpai
Aurelien Salomon: https://dribbble.com/aureliensalomon
Taras Migulko: https://dribbble.com/ui_migulko
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