Typewriter Effect in HTML, CSS & JavaScript | Project 6 of 80

HI, Welcome to web application development course.

This channel will help you reach your goals. We are starting from web development starting from HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Followed by Bootstrap. Then we will continue towards React and then the entire MERN stack. We will focus on developing complete web applications and we will learn everything by making projects. We will also focus on mobile application development and data science. Will also make a CSS master course with all types of animations and how you can make your own animations using CSS. We will also learn non relational database as well as relational database. I'll also help you learn how to use these skills and how to earn money using these skills. How these skills can help you earn 100k dollars per year and even more. I'll also help you get bigger projects online using these skills and will also help you get in contact with big companies. We will also you understand how you can get into google and Microsoft and what do they prefer and what do you need to get there. Goodluck!

How we can earn money using these skills and by using online platforms you can get projects all of this will be discussed on this channel once we reach a certain audience. You can earn million of dollars using these skills also by creating your own startup as well. I'll teach you how you can earn money from different freelancing platforms. Also how you can get projects online and what do you need to get into google, microsoft and similar big companies.

Web design
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