TypeScript: Broader Look (Get High-Level Overview)

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You will see a big picture of TypeScript in this course.

00:00 Introduction-Typescript Broader Look
01:22 Prerequisites
02:05 Relation between Javascript and TypeScript
03:08 Challenges in JavaScript
05:15 Benefits of TypeScript: Defining Static Types
07:04 Benefits of TypeScript: Organised Codes
08:55 Benefits of TypeScript: Excellent Tooling Support
10:30 Writing Hello World in TypeScript
12:39 Writing code in TypeScript and Compiling to JavaScript
17:30 Tools required for Development in TypeScript: Node.js(npm), IDE(Visual Studio Code)
20:43 TypeScript Project Configuration(tsconfig.json file)
25:53 Type Inference and Defining Explicit Types
31:47 Defining TypeScript Classes
35:26 Using Modules in TypeScript(export & import)
39:10 What’s next? How to learn TypeScript?

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