Types of Career in UI UX Design | Salaries, Tools and Deliverable (Animation)

Types of Career in UI UX Design

In this video I have discussed types of career in UI UX Design field. This field is conjusted that its often confusing where to go. In this video I have discussed all types of careers in ux with salaries, deliverable and tools they use. Not only that all alternative names of each career are also explained in this video. Enjoy!
Time stamp:
00:00 Welcome
00:05 What you will learn
00:47 Types of work environment UI/UX
01:44 1. Visual Designer
02:23 Graphic designer vs UI Designer
03:00 2. UX Researcher
03:45 UX Strategist
04:30 UX Designer
05:07 UX Writer
05:42 UX/UI Designer
06:11 UX Unicorn
06:37 Which one you should be?

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