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Learning how to launch, grow, and successfully run your business? In today's episode of the Advance Podcast, learn the secrets to exceptional entrepreneurship from athlete-turned-entrepreneur Patrick Parker, who runs not one but five successful businesses!

Over the last five years, Patrick has built out five different software companies, two of which are now venture-backed, and all of those are generating over a million dollars in revenues. Patrick's entrepreneurial journey started as a side gig and eventually turned into full-time business, beginning with a staffing company. When it first scaled to a million in revenue, he took 30% of the profits from that, launched a software company and grew that to 3 and a half million in revenue. Gradually, he's built and scaled many other businesses and has scaled them suitably to attain meaningful revenue.

In today's episode, join Mike as he interviews Patrick about entrepreneurship lessons from his amazing journey and learn to manage your time in a way that helps you grow financially.


What did Patrick’s athletics background teach him about leadership now that he’s in the business space?: 2:15
How does Patrick go about managing five companies?
What's the purpose of a flywheel?: 25:17
Patrick’s closing advice for you.: 32:04



“Cryptocurrencies that are going to be around for the long term, those are the ones that provide a maximum amount of value and utility.”


“Before you just start, understand what you're starting, spend time doing the deep work so many challenges, so many problems can be avoided. Not just in your professional career, but in your personal career as well, just by taking the time to do the research to focus on those activities.”



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