Topic 37 | Setting Up Website : Selecting an SEO Optimized and User Friendly Theme

Topic 37 | Setting Up Website: Selecting an SEO Optimized and User-Friendly Theme

In this topic, the instructor will briefly explain the features and importance of SEO Optimized & User-Friendly themes and how to choose the right theme for your blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online professions to earn money. Globally, the current value of affiliate marketing is around $8 billion. This course has been designed with beginners - people who have never done any online advertising. The course will show you every step you need to take to generate a passive income. You will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and various strategies with little or no investment. The course is for anyone interested in earning commissions from Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Google AdSense, and other similar affiliate programs. Beginners who want to learn Proven steps to make money online. The course would be good even for marketers with sites generating revenue and looking for tips to increase their earnings.

Learning Outcomes:
➡ After completion of this course students will be able to:
➡ Develop strategies for doing Affiliate Marketing.
➡ Choose a niche for any affiliate site.
➡ Pick a perfect domain name.
➡ Plan the content of the website.
➡ Design an elegant and user-friendly website.
➡ Perform Affiliate Marketing through Search Engine Optimization techniques.
➡ Perform Affiliate marketing using Google Ads.
➡ Perform Affiliate Marketing using YouTube.
➡ Perform Affiliate marketing using E-commerce.
➡ Learn the basics of the CPA.
➡ Create a blog and monetize it through Google AdSense or other networks.
➡ Setup Event Blogging Strategy.

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