Top Web Development Trends: How to Stay Ahead in 2022


In this episode, we’ll consider the latest web development trends and innovations. Running a web project has become more difficult. CTOs and Product Owners can feel FOMO (fear of missing out), considering the number of existing tech trends. The high price for any mistake makes them feel a chill running up and down the spine, especially in the case of large projects. This podcast helps to deal with these issues. Preference will be given to the technology stack that enables you to shorten development times, increase performance and security. The overview is based on the experience of MobiDev's Web Development Team experts.

The article on this topic is available at: https://mobidev.biz/blog/latest-web-development-trends-new-technologies

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00:38 MobiDev, a software development company
00:40 Intro
01:21 Trend 1. Optimal Infrastructure
01:55 Types of Infrastructure Services
04:05 Trend 2. JAMstack
06:55 Trend 3. Static Site Generators (SSGs)
08:01 Trend 4. Headless CMS
09:26 Trend 5. Uniting Servesless Solutions and Microservices
10:11 Trend 6. Acessing Custom API
10:59 Enterprise Web Development Trends
12:43 AI Solutions in Apps
13:38 Modernising Legacy Apps
14:30 Low-code Platforms
15:40 Enterprise Tools: Sentry
16:20 Enterprise Tools: ML Flow
17:14 Enterprise Tools: GitHub Actions
18:09 Future of Web Development
Web design
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