Top New X14 Features Plus, "Let's Talk Plan Views" - Designers Show #80

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X14 has some great new features. In this session, we'll explore some of the best productivity additions as we see them.

We'll also take some time to demystify "Plan Views." This feature in Chief confuses a lot of users.

But. once you understand what "Plan Views" are and how to use them, you'll wonder how you got by without them.

Introduction 00:01

Top New X14 Features:
Predictive Feedback: Point to Point Move 04:15
CAD Block Layer Defaults 06:40
Library Painter Scoping 10:19
Copy, Paste & Explode Bay Windows 13:35
Resize Cabinet Hardware 15:36
Many Dimension Setting and Changes 17:19
Add Arrows to Text Items 22:21
Transparency in Vector View 24:26
Copy & Paste Elevation Cameras 27:02
More Camera View Options in Plan Reference 27:50
More Layout Page Linking Options 32:37

Let's Talk Plan Views:
Layout Labels 38:08
How to Think About Plan Views 40:45
Layer Sets 44:25
Default Sets 47:20
Paste & Hold View Ports 54:25
Saved Plan Views 56:44
Source Files 59:36
Linked Call Outs 1:00:20
Using Standard Defaults 1:02:14
Dan's Upcoming Classes in Virginia 1:04:13


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