Top 6 Google Courses that will make you JOB READY in 2023 | Google Career Certificates

As a career-minded person, you know that it takes more than just completing a degree to get ahead. An established mastery of certain skills make you job ready, while others can help you make an immediate impact on your career.

This is the video where we will show you the most important and useful career certificates that every person who wants to change their path must be able to have. If you want to land a great job that pays excellent and will make you job ready in 2023, then these are the certificates you must have.

The top 6 Google career certificates are so in demand right now. The entire globe is realizing the importance of skills, and this has not just helped the Google company but also many other industries as well.

You're about to invest in yourself. You'll be building a strong foundation for your career, one step at a time. With these six amazing certificates, you’ll be on your way toward getting the job you deserve—as well as the opportunities that come from having the skills and expertise employers need most.

Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:03 Certificate 1
03:05 Certificate 2
04:20 Certificate 3
06:02 Certificate 4
07:48 Certificate 5 and 6
09:48 How to get started
11:14 Outro

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