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Top 5 Websites Design Company creative web design

During the last few years illustration has become so trendy that now we have designed tools that allows people to customize and create basically templated illustration, which makes all websites look kind of the same, website design So on today's video, I want to show you how some companies and websites are using illustrations in a very, very creative and original way, web design and development services And illustration, that can still be a fantastic way for your brand and website to stand out if you use it correctly.

So with that said, let's dive into the first example, So the first example is this company called bow, And it's actually a tech company, And you can immediately see that whenever we have kind of like something that becomes standardized, then people are trying to run away from it, So now they're trying to go with a more hand crafty kind of feeling, and even a more artistic kind of feeling,

So this is a tech company, but it looks very feminine and crafty, And you know, with this kind of like noise that they have here, And they're still managing to combine it fairly well with showing interfaces and dashboard for a tech company and do the icons in this kind of like style that they came up with, which is kind of original, And again, this illustration is very abstract T, but they're still making it work and still managing to tell the story of their brand,
their company and what they're selling here, So I do think that this is a way to take the original way of making illustrations into a more again, artistic place, an abstract place and make it stand out and a little bit more memorable.


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