Top 5 Online Business Ideas to Start In 2023

In this video, I will share the top 5 online business ideas that you can start in 2023 with zero investment.

These are some of the top business ideas to make money online in 2023.

Here are the 5 businesses that I have personally started to make money online without any investment -

Idea 1: Micro-Influencer or Content Creator - You can start creating content focusing on a small community and go niche. This will help you solve the problems of a narrow audience thus providing better conversion rates. You can start a Youtube channel, a podcast, or other social media channels such as Tiktok and Instagram. 

Idea 2: Digital Products - You can create digital products such as books, courses, or templates. You can self-host them or sell them through marketplaces. This offers very high-profit margins. 

Idea 3: E-commerce - You can either drop ship products or sell your own products. This will require you to drive traffic to your E-commerce products.  

Idea 4: Marketing Agency- Get clients in countries with a stronger currency and outsource to countries with a weaker currency. This will help you increase your margins.

Idea 5: Freelancing- You can create a profile on LinkedIn or apply for jobs directly from Upwork. Some of the skills you can master for freelancing are Coding, Programming, Software, Web design, Web development, Design, Copywriting, Content Writing, Ads Management, and Digital Marketing.

Those are some of my top business ideas for 2023. And since I've built these businesses in the past, I can share that these are profitable ways to make money online that you can start without any investment.

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04:52 Freelancing
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