Top 5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes Crypto Projects Make | Crypto Marketing For Web 3.0 Brands

Having a website for your crypto project is a must these days, but visitors are getting more and more demanding. It is not enough to have a landing page anymore, it has to be something more. And this is totally understandable if you consider the fact that your webpage is your blockchain solution sales representative. It is working for you 24/7. If it was a real person I suppose that you would want to look great, clean, to be knowledgeable, and to be able to answer at least 80-90% of the questions that your potential customers have. Imagine now a salesperson that looks like a homeless guy with ripped clothes, looking dirty and having difficulties talking.

In these video you will see how to increase your chances to have an effective website for your crypto project. We will cover 5 of the most common mistakes that web 3 brands make, so you don't do them too.

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Top 5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes Crypto Projects Make | Crypto Marketing For Web 3.0 Brands
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