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Hello Everyone, welcome to our YouTube channel “Learnik”. Today I’m presenting you with another graphic design tutorial. In today’s tutorial, I'll explain the top 5 graphic design trends 2022.

If you understand and follow these 5 graphic design trends of 2022, then your career will definitely grow and achieve a new milestone as a graphic designer in the coming future.

In this tutorial, I'll explain all 5 graphic design trends step by step. Today, we will cover these 5 graphic design trends that are mentioned below.
[1] GIF / Animated design
[2] Mems Design
[3] 3D shapes / Element
[4] Text modify
[5] Solid and cursive font combination.

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You must be aware of those trends to work in the most effective manner.

GIF/Animated Banner Design
Animated banners and GIFs are extremely popular ways of advertisements around the internet. However, there are many different formats that you could store in an animated ad and many ways of creating such an ad. GIF banners are among the most widespread file formats that support animation as a whole.

The full form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format, GIF is an image format that specifically allows for an animation to be played on it. There are many tools that offer animation-related functions and are capable of working with GIF as a format.

MEMES Design
Looking at the current trend over the internet around the globe, you must agree with me that memes play a major role in retaining the existing followers, attaining new followers, and increasing the reach. Most brands have started creating MEMEs that include their brand name, this is because MEMEs keep the user interested and on the other hand it will also increase the brand visibility and brand name.

3D Shapes/ Elements
Basically, 3D design is the process of using computer-modelling software to create an object within a three-dimensional space. However, with available designing software, you can find predefined 3D shapes and elements, which just need to be put in your design.

Moreover, 3D shapes and elements themselves have three key values assigned to them in order to understand where it exists within the space.

A few notable 3D design trends are its use in typography, characters, and isometric design. The use of 3D design and its methods by implementing it correctly can elevate your design in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

Text Modify
It is one of the most important features of graphic design which came in trend in 2021 and will continue to be trending in 2022. Text modification basically makes your text and image very attractive and eye-catching. Editing or modifying text is not just about changing fonts and colours. Though it is more than that.

Solid and cursive font combination.
In graphic design, typography is considered the most important aspect because it has the power to engage your user or reader in their tracks if you've made the right choices. Size, colour, leading, kerning as these elements form a layout. But before all that, there's the font selection process that plays a major role among all. You must know that good font pairing is important because it depicts professionalism, readability, and how aesthetically pleasing your design is. If you don't combine the right fonts, your design will suffer, and the reader might feel overwhelmed with the choices and simply skip the text.

So please watch this graphic design tutorial video till the end and learn something new.

Hope you enjoyed the video and learn something useful.
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