Top 5 Gamification Techniques to boost your SaaS | UI/UX Gamification

By 2025, the gamification market is expected to grow by 27.4% and reach a whopping $30.7 billion. But what is it about gamification that made it a ubiquitous trend in education, corporate process, and user experience? – Well, if done correctly, game-like activities trigger our reward brain circuit and make for an engaging experience. How do you introduce such elements to SaaS apps? We’re glad you asked.

In this video, we will explore some of the most powerful gamification techniques to help you grow your SaaS product, as well as retaining and engaging your users.

Gamification is still in its early stages in the SaaS industry and tech in general. However, digital products can borrow principles and best practices from other industries.

Techniques :
0:00 SaaS Gamification
1:01 Progress Bar
1:28 Genius
2:00 Milestones
2:35 Magnetic Caps
3:04 Achievements

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