TOP 5 Drop Servicing Niches for 2022 | Drop Servicing

In this video I be going over the TOP 5 NICHES to do when drop servicing in 2022! This is my personal opinion, everyone has their own. ENJOY!


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Hello everybody! My name is Adam Haritan, I am here to teach you wholesaling real estate, well… virtual wholesaling real estate, Drop Servicing, and just business in general!. The purpose of this channel is to enlighten you with a ton of free value about these business models. There are a ton of ways you can put yourself on top of another person within these business models, I hope to be able to break it down for you guys! Not only that but just a bunch of fun videos to express my personality, my lifestyle, and who I am as a person but at the same time elaborate the different ways business changed my life and how it can change yours too!

0:00 - Intro
1:12 - What Is Drop Servicing
2:15 - Advertising
3:18 - Search Engine Optimization
4:08 - Web Design
5:00 - Graphic Design
7:20 - Blog & Article Niche

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Web design
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