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Here are links to the Best TypeScript courses for Beginners
1. Understanding Typescript:
2. Typescript: The Complete Developer's Guide:
3. Typescript Masterclass & FREE E-Book:
4. Introduction to TypeScript Development:
5. Typescript fundamental:
6. Learn TypeScript: The Complete Course for Beginners -

Hello guys, if you are thinking of learning TypeScript this year and looking for some excellent resources like books, courses, and tutorials, then you have come to the right place. In my last few articles, I have shared some of the best Angular framework tutorials and courses, and today, I will share some of the best TypeScript online courses you can join to learn by yourself.

Many programmers and web developers are learning TypeScript because of its powerful syntax and advanced OOP features and, more importantly, to develop Angular-based applications. Since the Angular team has chosen TypeScript as the official language for Angular development, it's crucial to know TypeScript if you want to make full use of Angular, but that's not the only reason you should learn TypeScript.

One of the best things about TypeScript is that it makes object-oriented development easier in JavaScript with improved syntax. You can declare a JavaScript class and have a Type; yes, the name TypeScript signifies that.
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:13 - about the first course
00:01:58 - about the second course
00:02:41 - about the third course
00:03:16 - about the fourth course
00:04:06 - about the fifth course

You will also learn about classes and interfaces, Modules, Functions, Arrow Functions and Debugging, Static Typing, etc. Overall a great course to learn TypeScript
That's all about some of the best courses to learn TypeScript online.

TypeScript seriously takes JavaScript to the next level and makes it easy to develop broad JavaScript applications, something on the scale of Java. Even though most developers are learning TypeScript for Angular 2, you can do a lot more than that by leveraging its type safety and better supported OOP features.

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