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In a forever changing world, technology has made it possible to work from home. So if you are considering working from home and don’t know where to begin. Well you came to the right place because today i will be going over the top 4 skills anyone can learn to land a remote job. So let's dive into it.
Starting out with number one is communication skills. With communication skills you can land remote jobs such as customer service representative, virtual assistant and online counseling. There are a few ways you can develop your communication skills like practicing public speaking, active listening and asking for feedback. If you are wondering how much money you can make, the national average salary for an online counselor is 64,000 dollars in the US.
Moving on to number two is illustration skills. You can land remote jobs such as graphic designer, UX designer and freelance work. You can hone your illustration skills by taking online courses with skillshare or coursera. You can even watch a couplet of tutorial videos on youtube. Speaking of youtube, there are a lot of youtubers looking for freelancers with this skill set. Looking for artists to design their thumbnails or to animate their videos. The average salary of a graphic designer is around 54,000 dollars.
The third skill set anyone can learn is writing skills. With writing skills you can obtain remote work such as an editor, content marketer and copywriter. You can sharpen your writing skills by reading more often. Along with writing short paragraphs and editing them. The average salary of a copywriter is around 51,000 dollars.
The final skill is learning how to code. Learning how to code, you will be able to get a job as a web developer, software engineer or data analysis. There are plenty of resources online where you can learn how to code. One of my favorite websites is codecademy. They offer a great syllabus to keep you on track. There is also free code camp and coursera. You can also find great content on youtube. The average salary for a web developer is around 67,000 dollars.
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