Top 3 Trends for eCommerce Leaders

With so many options to purchase online, how do you ensure your customers keep returning to you? What matters to them the most?
Getting new customers is difficult, so why risk losing those you have worked hard to attain!

It’s time to build experiences that boost repeat purchases.

In this short discussion, we’ll be talking through the key 3 trends that eCommerce Leaders should consider for a successful Customer Strategy 2022 from Retention, Personalization, and Optimization. See how easy it can be to incorporate all 3 into your strategy to get instant insights into what’s working and what’s not, so that your team can make meaningful changes to increase profits.

From this discussion, you will:
- Understand what key milestones motivate users to make their first purchase - and come back for more
- Create personalized experiences to target the different needs of your customers
- How to drive repeat purchases, cross-sells, and upsells

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