Top 10 personal portfolio websites of all time..

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Here is the complete list of personal portfolio websites:
1. Charles Bruyerre :
2. Keita Yamada :
3. Bruno Simon :
4. Ian Dunkerley :
5. Patrick David :
6. Brittany Chiang :
7. Jack Jeznach :
8. Matt Farley :
9. Lauren Waller :
10. Eric Van Holtz :

1. Charles Bruyerre
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In his web developer portfolio, the French front-end developer and graphic designer Charles Bruyerre displays a unique style.

The site’s interactive background gives it a modern and playful look, while the domain name helps to reinforce his brand. The portfolio is presented in a compact way, but he also lists his Instagram, Behance, and LinkedIn profiles for additional information.

2. Keita Yamada
Keita Yamada's designer and web developer portfolio
Keita Yamada’s website is clean and concise. This web developer portfolio consists of three sections – the homepage with his bio, a dedicated project page, and a contact page.

An interesting aspect of his portfolio’s design is that visitors can switch between light and dark themes by clicking on the options in the lower-left corner of the website.

3. Bruno Simon
Bruno Simon's 3D web developer portfolio
Bruno’s portfolio is an ideal example for web developers who want to impress clients with their creativity. By applying 3D animation features, he has created an interactive navigation system, making the portfolio more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Visitors can navigate his web developer portfolio by controlling a car to explore each section, from his projects to social media links. On top of that, the site is also responsive.

4. Ian Dunkerley
Portfolio site of the front-end developer Ian Dunkerley
Ian Dunkerley is a front-end developer specializing in UX/UI designs – his web developer portfolio is an excellent representation of his expertise.

Rather than using multiple website layouts, he provides all the essential information on a single page, from his work to contact details. It is a great example of how to showcase your skills and experience in a minimalist way.

5. Patrick David
Patrick David's personal portfolio
Patrick David’s site is another creative web developer portfolio to draw inspiration from. Using his design skills, he combines both stylish typography and beautiful graphics to create a visually appealing effect.

In general, the portfolio conveys a sense of originality and confidence in his web design skills.

6. Brittany Chiang
Brittany Chiang's web development portfolio
Brittany Chiang’s web developer portfolio site incorporates a dark background and light colors for other elements like fonts and icons, which is a great way to highlight the important details.

The sticky sidebar also makes it easy for users to navigate the site. Overall, it’s a great example of a clutter-free, one-page portfolio website.

7. Jack Jeznach
Jack Jeznach's site, an interactive web developer portfolio
Jack Jeznach is a front-end developer and WordPress expert with 10+ years of experience. His portfolio’s design seeks to capture the visitors’ attention with a creative concept and seamless background animation.

Moreover, this portfolio is both well-written and informative, with easy access to his competencies and job experience. You can also turn on the sound effect also to make surfing through his portfolio more enjoyable.

8. Matt Farley
Matt Farley's portfolio
Matt’s portfolio uses colors such as white and purple to create a consistent web design. The layout is simple yet well-structured, resulting in a great user experience.

In addition, the homepage contains important information such as who he is, what he does, some of his impressive projects, and a list of notable clients, along with their testimonials.

9. Lauren Waller
Lauren Waller's web developer portfolio
Lauren’s portfolio utilizes large typography and a basic background to create dynamic contrast. Despite having a simple design, it is intuitive and easy to use.

The work, about, and contact pages also feature large headers that highlight the most important sections and aspects of her work.

10. Eric Van Holtz
Eric Van Holtz's personal portfolio
If you’re a web developer with lots of projects to showcase, Eric’s personal portfolio can be a good source of inspiration.

The distinctive menu on the website’s homepage is set against a dark blue background, making it more visually attractive to visitors.

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