Tools to start your web developer journey with just a mobile | ui ux | mobile

So you want to learn coding but you just have a mobile ? I have recommended some tools to start your journey .

Time stamps :-
Agenda of the video :- 00:00
Little intro to web :- 00:09
Canva :-00:38
Designing a web page :-01:12
Final design:- 03:40
SPCK code editor:- 03:43
Outro:- 06:12

I think web development is the best choice when its comes about learning to code as a beginner .

Now if we divide web development into two parts . The first one will be front end web development and the second one is back end web development .

For now lets talk about front end part .
How your web app will looks, layout of the web page depends on frontend.

Its includes wireframing the website designing it then development

So for that we need some tools

The first app will be canva :-

Second SPCK code editor :-
Web design
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