This or that: When to choose between Dynamics 365 and Power App

With real-life scenarios and recommendations, dive deeper into the similarities and differences between Dynamics and Power Apps and learn how to select the right solution   

0:00 – 4:45 – Intro 
4:45 – 9:16 - Mixing Power Apps and Dynamics 
9:16 – 12:45 - Differences between Power Apps and Dynamics 
12:45 – 14:32 - This or that: Build an Expense Management System 
14:32 – 17:15 - This or that: Track sales opportunities 
17:15 – 18:22 - This or that: Track vacation requests and approvals 
18:22 – 20:04 - This or that: Store large inventories of images and expose them on an external web site 
20:04 – 22:05 - This or that: Manage events, inventories and assets 
22:05 – 23:34 – This or that: Prompt employees for information within Teams 
23:34 – 25:08 – This or that: Build powerful apps and workflows without spending extra money for licensing 
25:08 – 26:22 - This or that: Build pixel perfect UX/UI designs pointing to your Dynamics data 
26:22 – 28:09 - This or that: Save time and gain more focus on a budget 
28:09 – 29:44 - Conclusion  
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