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From a design program that has now integrated 'text to image' prompt code into it's interface, to virtual reality (VR) being the future of graphic design, in todays video we explore where the graphic design industry is at, and where it's heading.

As a graphic designer, it's important to keep up to date with the graphic design world, and to track the evolution and changes as they occur. VR virtual reality looks like it could be a big part of the future of this industry. We could very well end up showing clients our designs and concepts while in VR.
But also we take a look at text to image prompt software, being integrated into Canva. This artificial intelligence style code is now a firm part of the user interface and design experience of Canva, and might I add, the free version of Canva.

The graphic design world is changing fast, and we need to keep up with those changes. Keep things locked here at Satori Graphics because we will keep track of everything that is happening out there in the design space.

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