This 3 Projects Will Guarantee your First Web Developer Job

If you are just getting started or you want to land your first job as a web developer after being learning new technologies and following courses for a while or you just got graduated from university as a computer science well you're in the right place to learn what are the projects you need to create and put on your portfolio to land your first job as either a Frontend developer, Backend developer or a FullStack dev. In this video, we will go through a detailed Mind-Map guide to show you what project ideas you need to create and put in your portfolio and what tutorials to follow to create those projects in order to submit a job request and have your first interview with your dream company.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 Top Projects to land your job
01:17 First (1) Frontend Project
06:07 Second (2) Frontend Project
11:55 Third (3) Frontend Project: Javascript Game/3D
16:20 First (1) Backend Project
20:27 Second (2) Backend Project
23:01 Third (3) Backend Project

FigJam Mind Map:

Web design
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