The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

COMPLETELY REDONE - The only course you need to learn web development - HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and More!

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What you'll learn

The ins and outs of HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript for 2021

Learn more: https://scholarsme.com/the-web-developer-bootcamp-2022/

Make REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies

Create responsive, accessible, and beautiful layouts

Recognize and prevent common security exploits like SQL-Injection & XSS

Continue to learn and grow as a developer, long after the course ends

Create a blog application from scratch using Node, Express, and MongoDB.

Create a complicated yelp-like application from scratch

Deploy your applications and work with cloud databases

Create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites and landing pages.

Learn more: https://scholarsme.com/the-web-developer-bootcamp-2022/
Web design
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