The Value of Strong UX Design: How it Can Transform your Product | Haltech

Why doesn’t my app or website feel like the competitors? How can I maximize customer satisfaction? What kind of talent will transform my digital product or service?

User experience (UX) design is one of the most overlooked, yet crucial practices when it comes to designing a successful digital product or service. In this first-of-its-kind session at Haltech, you will discover the fundamentals of UX design, real-world UX case studies, and why you should consider investing in UX talent for an exceptional return on investment.

Who should watch this event?
• Founders interested in learning more about UX design
• Founders or talent recruiters of SME’s looking to strengthen their customer experience through UX design
• SME’s looking for talent acquisition resources

Participants watching this session will:
• Gain a solid understanding of what user experience (UX) design is
• Learn about the ways their company can excel by investing in UX talent
• Resources and talent recruitment options

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