The Top 10 Books On Product Management | 2021 Must-Read UI-UX Designers, BAs and Product Owners

It is not a secret that education is one of the most crucial parts of Cieden's culture. We believe in continuous self-improvement and spend at least 20% of our weekly time learning and trying new things.

There is always room for improvement in our industry, and a great way to be well informed about the latest trends and innovations is by reading books.

There are literally tons of works on UX/UI design, product design, business analysis, usability, and much more, no surprise it is so easy to get lost among the amount of information coming at you. We understand that it can be a little overwhelming to narrow down the search and choose your books wisely, focusing on the examples which are worth reading. The question remains open. What should I read next?

Among the huge number of books we have read, here are the ones which undoubtedly helped us grow as designers. These are must-read works that deserve your attention, and we are pretty sure they will contribute to anyone eager to beсome even better in his career.

0:00 Must-Read for Product managers
0:19 The Mom Test
0:45 Inspired
1:13 Designing with the mind in mind
1:40 The Design of Everyday Things
2:05 Refactoring UI
2:35 Don't make me think
3:00 Guide to Information Graphics
3:27 About Face
3:49 Web Form Design
4:10 Lean Startup

See you in the next one.

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