The Titles of Mary in the Litany (S1, episode 9)

This episode is based from the book "A Sky Full of Stars: Know Our Lady Through Her Titles in the Litany" by Mr. Joby Provido. Whilst the book discusses each title of Mary, this podcast gives an overview on how important the litany is in getting to know the Blessed Virgin Mary more. It briefly covers some of the titles of Mary, including the new titles approved by Pope Francis in 2020.

Joby Provido who is guest in this episode, is a Catholic speaker based in the Philippines. He is also author of "100 Things Every Catholic Should Know." Both books are in Amazon and also available in Kindle format.

Joby is creator and host of "The Catholic Talks" and "Beyond the Veil" videocasts. He also writes Catholic articles and maintains a website called http://thecatholictalks.com/

You could also find him in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecatholictalks/

00:00 Introduction
03:25 Prayer
04:11 Guest introduction - Mr. Joby Provido
08:44 What is a "litany?"
11:35 How the Litany of Mary is organised
14:08 Mary, Mother of Mercy
18:23 Mary, Virgin Most Powerful
21:01 Mary, Queen of Martyrs
23:40 Mary, Mother of our Saviour - Mary is Co-redemptrix
25:39 Mary, Cause of our Joy and the Joy in Redemptive Suffering
27:59 Mary, Mother of God
34:30 Mary, Mother of Hope
39:24 Mary, Solace of Migrants
42:03 Importance of including the Litany of Mary to our daily prayer life
46:37 Closing - Quick feedback on the book "A Sky Full of Stars"
48:20 Joby's website, Facebook page, podcasts, and upcoming books
50:35 Closing

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