The Time Travel Debugger for Web Development - - Open Source Friday #opensource

Published helps the OSS community by making it easier for maintainers and contributors to debug user issues and automated test failures. With Replay, see exactly what happened when a bug occurred, debug within the recording, and collaborate with other contributors.

In this video, Cecelia shows @blackgirlbytes how to use Replay and highlight, an open-source project for finding GitHub issues ready for debugging.

They also talk about non-code ways to contribute to OSS, including bug reports, documentation, and community support.

0:00 - Introductions
3:16 - Debugging: an underrated skill
3:57 - What is Replay
5:30 - TTD stands for Time Travel Debugging
7:33 - Demo - Recording a bug with Replay
8:57 - Demo - Debugging with Replay
12:18 - Demo - Retroactive print statements with Replay
16:12 - Bug reports as open source contributions
17:49 - Shout out to Mark Erikson
23:46 - What is Replayable?
25:42 - Buggy Mode
28:22 - Rizel and Cecelia pair on debugging
38:28 - Q&A
40:41 - Favorite Food
41:41 - Favorite Beyonce Song
43:06 - Join the Replay Discord
43:51 - Don't be afraid of bugs

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