The Secret To A Successful eCommerce Website: Design Thinking

Alvin Hermanto shares 6 steps of design thinking and how it can help small businesses get higher returns from their eCommerce website. Watch more Small Business News & Trends videos:

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0:00 Who is Alvin Hermanto?
0:25 What is design thinking?
0:40 Understanding your customers’ needs
0:54 Defining your goals
1:10 Ideate your vision
1:22 Deciding on a solution
1:36 Prototyping your idea
1:59 Validating with customer feedback
2:30 Design thinking case study
3:54 The importance of adapting to customer needs

If you have an eCommerce website and want to increase your conversion rates, Alvin Hermanto, Principal at Relab Studios, says you don't have to rebuild or redesign your website to achieve that goal. He shares a proven method for small businesses called to create the best user experience: design thinking. While people use design thinking in so many different ways, Alvin reveals that (at its core) it's really just creative problem solving with a heavy focus on the customer. From understanding the customer’s needs to ideating and prototyping a solution for customer feedback, it’s important to always strive for learning and progress — not perfection. As long as small business owners are continuously adapting to evolving customer needs, design thinking will allow you to achieve your conversion goals quickly.


Organizations that regularly follow design thinking practices see 56% higher returns than those that don’t.'t%20Just%20Improve,Formal%20Processes%20to%20Engage%20Customers

69% of companies say design thinking makes their innovation prices more efficient.'t%20Just%20Improve,Formal%20Processes%20to%20Engage%20Customers

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