the peaceful chaos of ux design and web development | vlog 1

Today I will share with you my UX/UI design process, a glimpse of my morning routine, and a little rant about the frustrations of learning three.js.

Whats your best tips for dealing with learning related frustrations?

Hey! My name is Deja. I am a web developer, UX designer, writer, and proud parakeet mama.
I decided to start sharing my creative journey. Right now, my life is a bit of a mess. I am not 100% happy with who and where I am. This vlog will document the ups and downs as I bravely follow my dreams.

(I am currently learning Blender and three.js.)
My goal is to land my dream job in tech, create applications that solve real world problems, and become my healthiest self all around. It’s a lot…
But I truly believe all my dreams will come true with hard work and dedication.
I hope you will stick around for daily motivation, creative inspiration, and a real human experience.
You can catch me live streaming my apps on twitch, sharing fun photos on Instagram, and getting candid on my blog.
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