The New Normal on Retail - How COVID-19 changed the way people buy?

Professor Ricardo Martins (Service Design SCAD www.scad.edu) invited Zeh Henrique Rodrigues to talk about how retail has changed dramatically in the past year due the pandemic.

The question specialists make is what stays and what fades. And also, how this changes affect the shopping experience in services. Zeh Henrique Rodrigues, a retail consultant from Brazil and veteran at the most important retail events of the world, such as NRF and Euroshop, showed how retailers have been thriving through customer centricity concept.

This presentation is extremely important for UX Designers and Service Designers that want to improve shopping experiences online and offline, after COVID-19.

The talk answered questions such as:
• What consumers are looking for?
• Why simplicity is the new deal?
• How retailers are reinventing the shopper journey?

The talk was delivered by Zoom on September 29th, 7 PM EST

Who is Zeh Henrique?
He is the Head of Design at Brainbox Design Brazil. He is a designer with 27 years of experience as creative director, brand designer and communication consultant for retail. Led design projects for companies such as Subway, Asics, HSBC, Electrolux, Tyson Foods, Dow Dupont, Corteva Agriscience, Briggs&Straton and TIM. Corporate lecturer and training for over 20 years in retail trends, branding and shopper dynamics with vast experience in leading executive groups to international retail events. Professor of the Retail Trends and Store Design teaching about new retail dynamics, consumer trends, shopper journey, store design, visual merchandising.

E-mail: [email protected]
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