The misconceptions beginners have about UX | UX Design Myths | Common UX Misconception

If you’re new to UX design, you might have come across some misconceptions about it, such as design is solely for making a website appear good or that UX design is entirely technical.

It’s fine to have misconceptions, but correcting them is critical to stay focused in the design industry.

Zulqarnain Ansari has come up with all the misconceptions about UX and will help you to rectify them to get better results as a UX Designer.

Topics Covered:
How different is UX from UI
Signs of non-inclusive UX in organizations
UX Disciplines
Importance of Inclusiveness
Plan, vision & Strategies
UX Methodologies

Zulqarnain's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zainansari

He is a pioneer in Pakistan User Experience and Design, having 21 years of experience setting up creative digital design businesses in global freelance marketplaces, Zulqarnain Ansari is CEO and founder of Pakistan's first UX Studio, Experts Desk. His creative, analytical, and business skills make him distinct in the global design community. Besides being a successful CEO, he is a life coach, tech-preneur, mentor, and public speaker. His interests range from entrepreneurship to design.

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