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Today we discuss the future of crypto gaming and what’s in store for the rest of 2022 with arcane bear

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About Arcane Bear

So I started a channel called arcane bear. And over the years, we've focused on research into fringe topics. As we got better at that, we realized that it's actually pretty profitable to find things early and be right about it. So we started to have a kind of a hyper focus into venture capital, and or at the very least, finding unique ideas early that we think would be profitable within the tech, and more specifically, the web three space. So that started initially with Bitcoin, but it was sidelined with a myriad of other conversations. It's early days, but alongside PhDs in physics or biology, we just like a good conversation. But over the last few years, we've focused now pretty much only on web three, gaming, at least at this moment, we're very excited about the potential for the proliferation of the technology and even the potential of something like sovereign identity or sovereign governance. You know, we've got Sovereign Money, I think Bitcoin solves. It can help solve a lot of problems, the technology in general can do that. So what we're interested in is how does this technology, find the community base that it can it can reward, I guess, for participating? And where's that adoption? The most useful, and it seems to be often in crisis. You know, we first kind of really caught Bitcoin under our radar, during this predict banking collapse when the Cyprus bank said, Hey, anyone with over $100,000, we've just taken all your money. And I don't think a lot of people recognize that just because the banks function that way in Cyprus doesn't mean they can't do that in USA, USA. Yeah. So this kind of started our journey into where are we good at research? What can we do about it? And how do we provide that, that kind of delivery methods? So we have a private newsletter, and a private group that we felt, again, focused specifically on web for gaming, but venture? I guess it's a philosophy, and as a long term strategy for picking the winners of the future?

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