The Importance of UX/UI in DeFi with Owen Palmer, Head of Business Development at SpookySwap

Welcome to Alpha Academy, a cryptopedia for builders that will help you, Web3 builders, kickstart your projects. This series offers a ‘Company Building Guide’ where experienced builders come and share their project-building expertise. In other words, this section was created exclusively for builders by builders.

Listen to this episode on ‘The Importance of UX/UI in DeFi’ with our special guest, Owen Palmer, Head of Business Development at SpookySwap.

Time Stamp:
00:00 Intro to Alpha Academy & Guest Speaker
01:21 Intro to Spookyswap
03:21 The UX/UI Role in the Crypto Space
06:39 What Spookyswap Is Currently Working On
07:34 Importance of UX/UI in DeFi
10:13 Conducting User Research
12:33 Dark Patterns in UX
14:15 Tips for Designers

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