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How is everyone placed next week to run through some questions and identify what they would like to speak to?

From experience, keeping questions broad and letting everyone riff on their own experience tends to get the most engagement. Think about the classic interview format: Situation, Actions, Results.

Some great things to touch on would be
- How do you see design expanding for Conversational AI as technology advances in 2022 (2021 has brought a lot of tools to the forefront for designers yet they are still disconnected from development at times.)
- What does a Conversational AI team look like in 2022? (Keen to understand how teams will continue to grow)
- How have you managed stakeholders in 2021 and how will you continue to engage them in 2022? (Interested in peoples experiences with stakeholders)
- What metrics matter in 2022? (Classic reporting question)
- Are you all in on voice or chat next year? Or is it both? (What is your teams focuses for 2022)
- What channels will we emerge and demand attention next year? (Future trends)
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