[The Builders] Virtual Reality: How VR Will Impact Web Design, Web Dev & Businesses.. Already Is!

In the first solo episode of the year, Matt talks about Virtual Reality, it’s impact on web design and businesses. We first learn about one of Matt’s pastimes to set the stage for the topic.. why is he getting into this topic now and why the interest? Then we learn about what VR is and how it relates to AR or mixed reality.

With that foundation we delve into aspects of VR that will start impacting your own websites or the websites of your clients. Where is it today? You might be surprised to know someone could be looking at your website in virtual reality right now! And where is it headed? In what ways might a business leverage VR to sell more of their products and services?

If you’re a web designer or developer, how might it present itself to you? Do you need to worry about it? Enjoy the episode!
Web design
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