The Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store in 2022

In this video we’ll take you through some of the top free and paid Shopify themes developed in-house by our expert team.

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CONTEXT https://bit.ly/3vuB8XH
LOFT https://bit.ly/3MdxPKt

► Themes for Apparel
DAWN https://bit.ly/3IEZkdE
SYMMETRY https://bit.ly/3thmksE
FOCAL https://bit.ly/3tsbcsO

► Themes for Food & Beverage
CRAVE https://bit.ly/3tlPYwN
FRESH https://bit.ly/3tnkuq3
FOODIE https://bit.ly/3IEn5T6
TASTE https://bit.ly/346I4if

► Themes for Health & Beauty
SENSE https://bit.ly/3sAZ2ig
VENUE https://bit.ly/3thDg20
BLOCKSHOP https://bit.ly/3Iysefk

►Themes for Home & Decor
CRAFT https://bit.ly/3IF0lCi
LOFT https://bit.ly/3MdxPKt
HIGHLIGHT https://bit.ly/3KczL40
ART https://bit.ly/3vzmluS

► Themes for Dropshipping
WAREHOUSE https://bit.ly/3psU1q0
EMPIRE https://bit.ly/3C5Uy6x
EXPANSE https://bit.ly/3tnFUnc

► Themes for Buyer Experience
DROP https://bit.ly/3KccKyc
LABEL https://bit.ly/3vzUr1I
AVENUE https://bit.ly/3hvR0AS

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Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:01 What Exactly is a Theme?
01:53 Are Shopify Themes Better Than Other Themes?
05:42 Should You Go For a Free Theme or a Premium One?
07:17 Choosing the Right Shopify Theme
07:35 Themes for Your Apparel Business
10:55 Themes for Your Food Business
13:43 Themes for Your Health & Beauty Business
15:45 Themes for Your Home Decor Business
17:35 Themes for Your Art Business
18:27 Themes for Your Dropshipping Business
20:15 Themes for Buyer Experience
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