the ANTI HAUL – 6 things you shouldn't buy this winter !

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another season another anti haul! 6 things i won't buy this winter because their either short-lived trends, wrong for me personally, or because i already have a good option at home. here we go.

i talk about:
- short lived trends
- catsuits
- shiny things and sequins coming back every holiday season
- christmas outfits
- new years outfits
- office parties
- eveningwear
- comfortable winter outfits
- how to layer winter outfits
- riding boots
- investing in footwear
- shoe fits and feet types
- oversized bags
- practical accessories
- investments bags
- leather trousers
- culottes
- sustainable vegan leather
- rombaut / stella mccartney / alexander mcqueen
- jacqumeus / loewe / balenciaga / gucci
- logomania

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