The 4 Best Productivity Tools For Designers

Our tools make us work faster as designers. Having the right tools allows us to be in our creative flow and create our best work. In this video, I'll try to go over some of the best tools I've recently come across, including the partner of today's video Setapp.

Instaprice is a great tool that allows freelancers to understand what they should be charging. I believe this product is going to help a TON of people. One of the biggest things I hear new freelancers say is, how much should I charge clients, and what should I include in that price. With instaprice you have the ability to see industry standard prices and what is included in those prices.

With Setapp you have over 240 apps for a pretty low-cost subscription. You can find many industry-standard apps like Typeface, Sip, and lots more. I've personally used the Mockuuups tools before in my workflow and Setapp just happened to have it within their program as well. As a freelance designer it's always tricky to balance your subscriptions, what do you pay for and what do you not pay for? I believe a designer should be able to try lots of different tools before finding the one they're going to pay lots of money for. Thankfully we can do that with Setapp!

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