Text Glitch Effect Typographic Animation with After Effects

Text Glitch Effect - Typographic Animation with After Effects

In this tutorial, we’ll learn an effect called Glitch, which can be used in a variety of ways.
Glitch is a distortion, an interference and a defect that happens in electronic media.
And we ended up visualizing these defects and interferences on our screen.
Here in the case of After Effects, I will show you how to simulate these defects and interferences.
We use Glitch in a variety of ways, including text, which is our case. But this effect that I am going to
teach can be used on anything text, images, videos.
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⏲️Time Stamps⏲️

0:00 - Text Glitch Effect intro
0:06 - Welcome
0:44 - Preview
1:02 - Create Composition
1:30 - Adding Text
2:27 – Adding Noise
4:38 – Add Adjustment Layer
5:06 – Adding Displacement Map
6:40 – Animating Glitch
7:09 - More Glitches
11:49 – Adding RGB Split
12:41 - Final Glitch effect
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