Test your Responsive Website Design in Firefox

Want to know if your WordPress website is responsive? This is a quick demonstration on how you can test your own website's responsiveness using the Firefox browser:
1. Ensure you have Firefox installed on your computer (I do not explain how to do this)
2. Bring up your website in the browser tab
3. Click on More tools, Responsive Design Mode
4. Drag your website to different sizes or click on a specific device size at the top.

WANT MORE INFO? Our full blog post called "Responsive Website Design - What, Why & How" is up on the Fun4business website here: https://fun4business.ca/responsive-website-design/ where we go into detail about:
1. The driver of the Mobile-First Movement
2. Explain what Website Responsiveness is
3. Show you how to check your website statistics to see what device your users are on. Do you need to worry about responsiveness?
4. How you can test your own website’s responsiveness

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