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How to code up a template using HTML, CSS, Flexbox and a responsive framework like Bootstrap? In this tutorial series we will find out how to do so while coding it up straight from the scratch. This is another part of coding with html, in this final chapter we will customize the footer within the template created by us. This is the part of how to build up the footer with html and css, and the customization with the CSS in this episode. Stay tuned.

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Watch out coding up the template with html previous part video here: https://youtu.be/MbzbmaCDmUk

Throughout this tutorial series we have mainly dealt with some common questions; and we tried to find out some answers to them. Some of the questions were as follows:

1. Can we build up a template using HTML only?
2. Is it possible to code a template using Bootstrap, without knowing any HTML?
3. Which one should we use to code up a template- Bootstrap or Flexbox CSS? Which one works well?
4. Can we build up a responsive webpage using HTML and CSS only?
5. How to centre our elements in a div?

And lots more...

For now, watch the complete video

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