Telecommunications in Space

Space Education & Strategic Applications 2021 Conference

Modern electromagnetic concepts and novel antenna designs have created new pathways for ingenious applications that could not be thought of or realized a decade ago. Incorporation of concepts such as nature-inspired optimizations integrated with artificial intelligence (AI), 3-dimensional (3D) printing, meta-materials and electromagnetic band gaps (EBGs), orbital angular momentum (OAM), flat lenses, deployable mesh reflectors and reflectarrays, modularized and adaptive configurations, and others have resulted in out-of-the-box designs for diverse applications such as planetary and lunar missions, Internet of Space (IOS), SmallSats/CubeSats, remote sensing, and others. The impact and inspiring opportunities of these novel concepts and designs specifically tailored for space enterprise utilizations will be highlighted.

The topics covered in this panel are:

Satellite communication technical study at STEM School of APUS
Richard Moazzam, American Public University System

STEM Educational Outreach with the AMSAT CubeSatSim: A Low Cost Satellite Simulator
Alan B. Johnston, KU2Y, Villanova University, AMSAT Vice President for Educational Relations

Novel Electromagnetic and Antenna Concepts for the Next Generation Space Enterprise
Yahya Rahmat-Samii, University of California, Los Angeles
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