TechieMatter Webinar #03: How to build a stand-out UI/UX Designer Portfolio

This is the recorded webinar by TechieMatter tackling How to build a stand-out UI/UX Designer Portfolio.

It happened on Monday 02nd of October 2022 featuring some of the experienced gurus in the region such as:
1) Mariam El-Shebokshey, UX Consultant & Founder of kidzkit.
2) Muhammad Abu Elgheit, Founder & CEO at TechieMatter.

You can contact us on [email protected] for any help regarding the presentation or the resources mentioned in the webinar.

TechieMatter is a specialized technical recruitment web solution that delivers tech talents to employers hassle-free and quickly, backed by reputable global change makers such as & Flat6Labs &, thanks to our proprietary vetting system we have become the trusted go to source for tech recruitment for 100s of companies in 10 countries.

Our recruitment expertise is in 5 domains:
1) Design-based roles: UX/UI/Interaction/Product Designer.
2) Product-based roles: Business/Systems Analyst & Product Manager/Owner.
3) Development-based roles: Web, Mobile Developer, Blockchain, Security, Testing, Game Dev., Data Scientist, & Machine Learning Engineer.
4) Tech Management-based roles: Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Technical Project Manager & CTO.
5) Hardware-based roles.

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